Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Some Less Common Ones

This week on the desk stand we have some less common brands of mechanical pencils, and a pen! Of course when I say less common I mean that in a general international sense, as some of them are very common in their home market.

Lets take the left hand stand first.
From top to bottom
  • Cello ballpoint pen. Cello, a leading Indian manufacturer. Don't worry, that's the only pen, the rest are all mechanical pencils.
  • Berol Turquoise TM-5. Vintage mechanical pencil from the Berol pencil company of the USA, but Made in Japan.
  • BelBol 03.306. Don't let that model number fool you, this is a 0.5mm Portaminas.
  • M&G M-1001. From one of China's largest manufacturers.
  • Kyung In SK2000. So much is written on this mechanical pencil. Left side of body = "Kyung In SK200 Made In Korea". On the pocket clip = "Michiko London Koshino". Right side of body = "KISP20001 Kyung In Co Ltd 0.5m/m"
  • Pro-Max PR-7025. As I understand it the brand translates as "Thousand Comparison Stationery"

Now for the right hand stand
From top to bottom
  • Schneider Graffix. Made in Germany.
  • Erich Krause Delta EK-22004. Triangular body. The little eraser under the top button is triangular too.
  • Soennecken 150. I really like the sound of that brand name, but of course I will be butchering the German language in the process.
  • Manufactum Druckstift Feinstrichmine, Item # 1765 1830 0.5mm. Phew, now there's a mouthful. Of course that's from the Manufactum catalogue. The actual retracting tip mechanical pencil is itself completely and utterly unmarked. No brand name, model number, lead size, country of origin... nothing
  • Tajima SP20R.
  • Tajima SS13MH.

Manufactum - totally unmarked mechanical pencil. Stainless steel body, and good vanishing point mechanism.

It is my understanding that in Japan, Tajima primarily market their mechanical pencils to carpenters, woodworkers, and other such tradies and hobbyists.

The black SS13MH has knurled metal grip and takes 1.3mm lead.
The red SP20R is loaded with 2mm red lead. It is a push top ratchet mechanical pencil, not a lead holder.

Some of the mechanical pencils shown above are also in my Collection Image Gallery.


Gunther said...

As far as I know the Manufactum pencil is an unmarked Fuji Corona 205.

Stefano said...

This kind of post never fails to intrigue me. I like to spot unusual mechanical pencils that I already know, or that are clones (or have strong similarities) of pencils I know.
I've already met the Schneider Graffix, and heard of the M&G and Berol brands, but this time... well, that's all. The rest is completely new to me.

Pencil911 said...

Manufactum Druckstift Feinstrichmine, Item # 1765 1830 0.5mm is same as Fuji Corona. Very Rare pencil to find.

Pencil911 said...

Cello and Camlin are also mechanical Pencil makers from India. Camlin has tie-up with Kokuyo. Most of those pencils are very cheap.