Once upon a time there was an innocent young fellow who got a dose of graphite, was lead astray and became a lead junkie, with way too many mechanical pencils.

This is my personal blog about my hobby of collecting mechanical pencils and related stuff like catalogues and advertisements. A few wooden pencils, erasers and an ink thingy or two have snuck in as well. It is a mixture of product reviews, informational articles, unusual products, questions, trivia, silly nonsense, pencil history, lore and more. Pretty much anything even somehow remotely associated with graphite and paper.

I’m not sure how I ended up collecting mechanical pencils, I just always sort of liked them, used them for the short time I was in the engineering game…and it just sort of happened.

This is my hobby – I do not work in the writing instruments industry and am not associated with any stationery manufacturer or retailer. I try to keep naked commerce out of this blog. You will note there are no Google Ads or suchlike, but after much soul-searching I decided I would include a small section recommending some online retailers (see sidebar) because you will inevitably end up having to shop globally if you are interested in pencils. I also occasionally receive items from retailers or manufacturers and show them on this blog with an appropriate acknowledgement.

You are very welcome to comment on any articles on this blog. You can also leave any general comments or questions or just say Hello on my Guestbook (under 'FAQs & General' in the sidebar). I am always happy to hear from readers, either on this blog or by email via my Blogger profile (see the sidebar).

Although this is ‘my blog’ I am always very happy to publish guest postings – anything from a full review to a single photo or a few words about some pencil related matter. Give it a try…you might just like it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this blog.