Monday, March 19, 2018

Back With Triple Sets

I shut this blog down a few years ago and took it offline a while back, but I have recently been trying to get my "pencil-life" better organized. Part of that has been the long overdue decision to reorganize (down size) my collection. Over the years I have ended up with a lot of stuff I don't really want. Things that looked good online but aren't in the hand, duplicates, minor variations, etc, etc, etc.

The review of things to keep or sell got me thinking about triple sets - fountain pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil. Not that they were ever that common 30 - 50 years ago, but I guess they are basically a thing of the past now unless you make up your own one by buying three separates. I do have a couple of triple sets... but not for much longer :)

Conway Stewart


Faber-Castell E-Motion - the one I'm keeping, although it is a make up of three separates in a flip top hard case.

So, someone who knows about ink, why isn't the Faber-Castell nib gold?


Anonymous said...

Great to see your blog is back Dave! It was so frustrating with all the pages not accessible for so long but a relief to see all was not lost. You have a valuable library of mechanical pencil info here!

About the Faber Castell nib, for a silver appearance you can do white gold or steel. Steel doesn't mean a lesser nib, per se. While inherently less flexible than gold, it can be manipulated for excellent properties.

Kiwi-d said...

I suppose now I have to find that bottle of Quink hidden away somewhere and give it a try :)

Bored_ said...

Oh wow, I was just talking about your blog this weekend at a fountain pen meetup! Welcome back! Your blog was one of my first forays into the stationery community online and now irl.

Hey, one of the things I was talking about was how cool it would be to hear you on the Nib Section Podcast. They’re some Aussie pen users, but maybe you can dole out some mech pencil knowledge on it.

Kiwi-d said...

Podcasts might be a step to far for me just at the moment. I suppose I should start listening to a few during the daily commute. Something to think about :)

ThirdeYe said...

Sorry I found no way to edit my last post and I found a pretty poor typo. One of my favorite 3-packs is my set of Tikky in 0.35, 0.5 and 0.7. Also being a fountain pen collector, I end up with a lot of pen/pencil sets but I tend to avoid ones with ballpoints. The refills rarely work and are usually tough to find refills for. Or the refills are just junk to begin with. I do very much like the penci that came with my Sheaffer PFM and my click Esterbrook pencil.

Kiwi-d said...

Good to hear from you ThirdYe. I don't think you can edit comments on Blogger, just delete :) I suppose with MP lead sizes we could go for things like sextuple sets - FP/BP/0.3579MP. Even more for some MP.

id00092 said...

i had many good reads many years ago from your blog and it helped me passed thru hard times of my life. thanks for coming back.