Friday, February 10, 2006

Rubber Grips

If there is one thing that separates one mechanical pencil from another, its rubber grips. A lot of people have a preference for or against rubber grips. I’ll be up front and say I don’t like them, basically I hate them. If a pencil or pen has a rubber grip, I look around for something else to write with.

So what exactly is my problem with rubber grips? Well here’s a list of some of the issues I have with them:
Ø They get dirty
Ø They get discoloured
Ø They wear out, crack, crumble, etc
Ø They stain your skin
Ø They get sweaty and soggy
Ø They feel spongy
Ø They force you to grip the pencil in that particular designated rubbery place
Ø They look “cheap” on more expensive pencils

Of course not all rubber grips have all these problems, but you get the idea.

On the positive side the better ones do usually let you get a decent firm grip on your pencil. Some manufacturers have attempted to overcome some of these issues by making their grips replaceable. Some have gone even further with “mix-and-match grips” promoting “choose your grip to match your mood” or some other such story. Not for me, because I’d always have to choose the one for “annoyed with my pencil” mood.

Well then, now is the time to express your opinion!

Footnote: This posting drafted with Cumberland 5 Star Pencil, perma bond lead, grade 5H, (made in England). A nice stick of wood.

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