Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Top Five

Dave’s Top Five

Recently a reader left this comment “Why don't you make a top 10 or larger list, listing your favorite pencils? You could even do it for every price range!” This isn’t exactly the first suggestion I’ve had along these lines, but this time I’ve finally decided it is a good idea to list my favourites. So, I’ve created my list, “Dave’s Top Five” over on my organiser site. There's also a link in the sidebar.

With hundreds of pencils to choose from, it was a pretty tough job creating such a list, and there were a few surprises for me.


Anonymous said...

A great resource. I didn't really ever expect to see a list like this.

I think I have seven of your top twenty-five.

Anonymous said...

I have 12 of the Top 25. At least a few of these are because of your blog, Dave.

You lost me in the ‘stratosphere’, but as good as my .7mm LAMY 2000 is [one of the MPs that I own b/c of your reviews] – that’s as high as I need to go.

Great job as always.


Germ said...

hmm.. didn't have anything in your stratospheric and high lists. i do own some in those ranges though... :) and much cooler IMO. HA! Several of the others, with only one of the economy ones. I want a Tombow Oceanic BADLY!!..... ANYONE, ANYONE?

Germ said...

oops. only had 6 of them. weird...

Anonymous said...

I must be some kind of philistine (or a woodhead :>))), I only have two on your list, the P205 and the Sharp Kerry. That Kerry though is a (insert curseword intensifier here) great pencil. I used mine so much the spring wore out. It is gratifying to see it at the top of its class.

Barrel Of A Pencil

Kiwi-d said...

Well whether you've got all 25 or none, each to their own. Still I'd be surprised if someone else's list didn't have a single one in common.

I've added this to the text over on the Top Five, just a little further explanation.

"Also this is a list of the Top Five for a collection, so I am giving some thought to including variety, to having a representative range of pencil types and styles. Its not the Top Five draughting pencils, or Top Five writing pencils,'s the Top Five in general trying to keep some sort of overall balance. But this doesn't mean that I'm deliberately including unworthy pencils just to be representative, just that its something I keep in mind. My Top Five draughting pencil list would absolutely be different to my Top Five writing pencils to my Top Five unusual designs to my Top Five....etc."

Germ said...

Good points there Kiwi. I think I need to do a top 25 or something..