Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Wooden Triangles

Somehow I seem to end up with way more than fair share of wooden pencils. I collect MPs but I end up with all these WPs too.

For some reason I have always thought triangular wooden pencils were a reasonably recent development, perhaps because I don’t recall them from my childhood. However, as the WPs slowly accumulate in my house it is apparent to me that triangular pencils are nothing new.

Here’s a a batch of recent arrivals. They are quite thin compared to ‘normal’ pencils, about 6.1mm (1/4 inch) along each side, and somewhat shorter than usual as well. I guess it helped keep the price down. Photo: 4 old triangles with modern hexagonal Forest Choice and Staedtler for size comparison.
I don’t think this shop is in business anymore. Hmmmm, a refreshing ale whilst you bought your steaks. Clearly the owner made his fortune and retired to lead the good life.

Manufacturer unknown, but “Made in England” is printed on them.


Germ said...

i kinda like these triangle types. were pretty rare when i was using wood pencils way back in the day. late 70's.

Time Waster said...

Triangle pencils are also popular as Carpenter pencils but nothing beats the original flat design.

I suppose a triangle pencil could roll off the roof if it wanted too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am assuming that from a certain angle of inclination on everything will roll of ;-)