Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Image Gallery

I've put a link in the sidebar, but here it is also Image Gallery. I want to have an image gallery of my collection. Not really information about the pencils, primarily just an image list. I haven't been able to find a free photo organizer that I could use in the way that I wanted, so have created the test Image Gallery using a Blogger template. It's not ideal, but not that bad either. The Navigation page hopefully explains how to use the site. Anyway, I would be interested if anyone has any smart ideas or comments about it or other products, etc.


Matthias said...

That's a great idea. Thank you. There are quite a few beauties in there.

Stefano said...

I agree with Matthias!
An image gallery is always a great idea for a collector! I always found the pictures in your blog very useful, so thank you for sharing the gallery project with us.
The result of the Blogger template's test is quite good, in my opinion.
Maybe you could add to the picture page the link to the pencil's review, where available.