Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rotring Rapid Pro 2mm Mechanical Pencil

Rotring Rapid Pro 2mm Mechanical Pencil

One of the comments on the recently published Rotring Rapid Pro mechanical pencil review was essentially asking about the differences between the 0.5/0.7mm and the 2mm Rapid Pro mechanical pencils. That’s a good question, and not something really covered in the review, so I will attempt to address it here. In a nut shell, there’s not much difference.

All three lead size models of the Rapid Pro are essentially stylistically and mechanically the same. The only differences are at the ends of the pencils. Lets start at the top.

rotring rapid pro end caps
As you can see the push top buttons have different ends on them. On the 0.5/0.7mm models there is a hole through which you can see the eraser underneath. On the 2mm version there is a black plastic end piece. There is a hole in the black plastic too, you just can’t see it in the photograph. The top button on the 2mm version doubles as a lead sharpener so you stick your lead in through the hole in black plastic, twist and sharpen. I’m not really a 2mm lead user, but the sharpener seems reasonable compared to other integral sharpeners I have tried. Remember the 2mm Rapid Pro is a push top ratchet mechanism mechanical pencil just like the 0.5/0.7mm versions. It is not a traditional clutch pencil with jaws.

rotring rapid pro top buttons
If you pull the top buttons off you can see the difference in shape, and that the 2mm version doesn’t have an eraser. Also, the 2mm lead chamber is only big enough to hold one stick of lead at a time so there are no spares. You are writing with the only piece of lead in the pencil.

Now to the other end of the pencil. With lead sleeve retracted the tips look almost identical.

rotring rapid pro pencil tips
Of course the 0.5/0.7mm versions then have a retractable sliding sleeve whereas with the 2mm version the lead just comes straight out.

rotring rapid pro pencil lead sleeves

So, there we have it. Not much difference at all.


Matthias said...

Thanks for this explanation. The 2mm version is really nice. I like the proportions much more than those of the 0.5mm version (the width of the pen just changes too rapidly in the 0.5mm version).

JH said...

Hi, I bought that pencil myself on Friday. I definitely like it, but has anyone any idea on how to clean the integrated sharpener?
The only approach I came up with, is smacking the sharpener on something hard upside down. Needless to say that ended in a mess.
Any ideas?

Unknown said...

Love the pictures as always! I wonder why the rapid pro doesn't come in a ".35mm" flavor. Or even .3mm. Regardless, I just revieved a .35mm Rotring 600 pencil in the mail and I'm lovin it!

Anonymous said...

JH: instead of "smacking" just keep 'softly' tapping it inside an ashtray or whatever you wish until its guts are empty ;)

I use a Rotring 300 / 2.0 mm (clutch) but the post attracts me to get this one too :D

Good writing

Anonymous said...

There are black RR-pros out now