Friday, April 29, 2011

The Big Day

The big day is upon us. Today our future King marries the future Queen. It’s pretty big news in my part of the world. For many the interest and popularity in the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton  is not necessarily evidence of support for the monarchy but rather support for a seemingly nice couple tying the knot, an excuse for a celebration, some excitement, pomp and ceremony, a distraction from recent disasters and difficult times, etc.

Lots of people are joining in the celebrations in all sorts of ways. Like many ladies, Mrs Dave will be wearing a tiara and veil at work today. Well, the tiara is a little worse for wear because it broke and last night I was dispatched to the shopping mall to buy another one. All the dollar stores, department stores, etc. had been stripped bare. No tiaras  or crowns to be found anywhere, so it was super-glue to the rescue. Equally I have heard that it is impossible to hire a wedding gown from any source – genuine wedding hire companies or fancy dress stores. Apparently many ladies are even digging their dresses out of the storage chest. “Wills and Kate Dress Up Wedding Parties” are all the rage, but Mrs Dave will be home, glued to the TV, champagne in hand. Local watering holes are also joining in the festive occasion with promotions such as half price drinks for all ladies in wedding dresses, beauty pageants for the best wedding dress, sluttiest hottest bride, etc.
So, what’s this got to do with mechanical pencils? Well, in the good old days, there’s no doubt we would have had plenty of royal wedding souvenir pencils to buy. You can see various examples of such items in this blog in previous posts such as Royal Tour Pencils, Royal Coronation Pencils and more.
I haven’t gone looking for Wills and Kate souvenir pencils, but have you seen any? Would you buy one? I haven’t had a poll for ages, so, vote in the poll.

Edit - The voting on the poll was 17 x Yes and 41 x No.


Anonymous said...

Is there no escape!

Tajikaroo said...

I'd be inclined to get one, provided it has that Royalty flair without that Royalty price.

Kiwi-d said...

Anonymous - there's no escape for me so I'm trying to reel you all in too! Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

Henrik said...

Up here in the far remote nothern hemisphere (Copenhagen) a couple of the "british" pubs: the Bloomsday bar (Irish!), the Victorian and the Olde English show the live broadcast on bigscreens today. Unfortunately no free beers or pencils.
cheers anyway

razide17 said...

Not much in the way of souvenirs let alone pencils so far. Atleast there should be a few commenorative coins coming out.

Over in Australia the ABC and most other stations have a channel have the whole night devoted to the Wedding.

Kevin said...

Best Wishes to the newly weds!
Thanks for the review of royal pencils, and yes, I would like a royal souvenir pencil.

Okami said...
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Okami said...

I'd be inclined to buy one too (prior comment deleted for grammar)

Fresh Garden said...

Absolutely cool!! :)