Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dave Turns Five Giveaway 3

This giveaway is now closed.

The winner is Jack
The runner up is Economy Pens.

Welcome to Dave Turns Five Giveaway Number Three.

This time it’s Back to the Past, with “They Don’t Make ‘em Like This Anymore”, and “From The Dawn Of Time”.

The above picture is of the actual giveaway items.

From top to bottom:-
  • They Don’t Make ‘em Like This Anymore” - Conway Stewart Nippy No 3 (1.18mm) propelling pencil. Used but good condition, dating back to the days when the UK had a significant propelling pencil industry.
  • From The Dawn Of Time” - Ancient Kauri (0.7mm) PSI Slimline Pro Pencil 24k GT. As explained in this linked article, this pencil was commissioned by myself from a local wood turner. It is new unused, but remember, such pencils and mechanisms are not usually up to the same standards as modern retail...but's fifty thousand years old!!!!! 
The winner gets to choose which pencil they want.

On earlier giveaways a few readers made the effort to jazz up their comments by submitting in the form of a poem, haiku, a word play or some other such little something extra. So to enter this giveaway you simply leave a comment here on this posting. BUT...not just any comment will do...your comment MUST be a little something extra...for example a poem, a haiku, a word play, a little prose on the joy you will experience at winning, one sentence on why a vintage pencil will suit you...anything will do, just make a little effort! You do not have to state your preferred prize; you can make your choice after winning.

But wait there's more! The best entry, ie.e the best poem, word play, story, etc as chosen by myself, will be the runner up and receive the pencil not selected by the winner.

This giveaway will remain open for 5 days, after which the winner will be chosen at random, and announced here on this post, so check back in to claim your prize. If you don’t claim your prize within a couple of days then a runner-up will be chosen to replace you.

The fine print
This giveaway is open to anyone and everyone. Both pencils are from my collection so this giveaway is at my expense.

Only 1 comment per person. Extra comments will be deleted. If you want to ask any questions, start some discussion, etc then please use the Guestbook, or email me direct. If you somehow botch your comment and need to delete it, then whilst signed in you should be able to click the trashcan beside it and then start again from scratch. If you can’t then email me and I should be able to do it for you.
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Unknown said...

Dave turns five and gives away for free
A pencil of choice to the best entry
If I win, much to my chagrin,
Then i'd pick "The Dawn of Time" GT!

ThirdeYe said...

I have absolutely no poetic talent, so I'll just try to elaborate on which one I would choose. :)

I like the Conway Stewart because I have not owned anything from them, although I have read a lot about them in Fountain Pen books. I really enjoy older twist pencils, and this will go great with my Sheaffers and Parkers. :) Besides, I like the green marble of the pencil.

Henrik said...

There once was a lad from New Zealand
He had many pencils in his hand
He gave some for free
But they weren’t for me
As I have them by me beforehand

Couldn’t resist the challenge – but count me out. They are both wonderful pencils, but no room for anymore etc.

Regards Henrik

Eric W. said...

My best attempt at something humorous...

...An pencil a day....

....Keeps the crazy voices in my head at bay

Jack said...

Dave turns five and has a giveaway
The pencil is free, so no need to pay
Both lovely pencils that I would enjoy
But the PSI Slimline Pro Pencil 24k GT
Is best for me

The best I could do, hope I did good :)

Anonymous said...

Fett Brat!

John said...

I just read the other posting about the Ancient Kauri and boy does it sound cool. It's like a brand new piece of history (I thought my Mitsubishi pure malt was cool.)

private said...

I once had a pencil gripped in my hand,
gripping it fiercely as I watched the band.
The band rocked and I tipped and rolled.
The pencil slipped from my gripping hold.
I stabbed my eye and skewered my brain.

On the ground my body was outlined with a fanatical stencil.
It was death the coroner ruled - death by mechanical pencil.

Dwscamel said...

Two pencils, both alike in dignity,
In the obscure Internet, where we lay our scene
From ancient tip-feeders to new rachets
Where rubber grips make hands unclean
From forth the pencil case of this one blogger
A pair of lead-crossed pencils take their life;
Whose misadventured Sudokuing overthrows
Do with their jam bury their owner's strife.
The fearful passage of their jam-marked use
And the continuance of their owner's collecting
Which, naught but his giveaways could remove,
Is now the two-minute cause of our inspecting;
The which of you with ink-stained hands attend
What here shall miss, Dave's giveaway shall strive to mend.

Unknown said...

Erased horizon
Boughs slumber ‘neath inky depths.
Now, to light. Turned. Write!

Penmaniacs said...

Dave turns five
Reading this wonderful blog makes me feel alive
Two classic pencils, which still survive
I yearn for the moment these pencils, hopefully arrive
The two of them coincide, not as artifacts,
Yet as treasures which have the ability to glide
Across mountains, and paper, of which they thrive.

Davide said...

I'm afraid I cannot match the fine examples of poetry above, as I'm not an English native speaker, so I hope you'll forgive me if I make a quote from a "real" poet, which I thought fitting since not many weeks ago the Holocaust Memorial Day was celebrated:

Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway Car

Here in this carload
I am Eve
With Abel my son
if you see my older boy
Cain son of Adam
Tell him that I

Dan Pagi

jincongz said...

Pencils of that age,
A rarity to find indeed.
Dave has quite nice taste.

Tajikaroo said...

Graphite obsession
My collection expanding
There goes my paycheck

Sid Pools said...

My Kuru Toga
Has bred office lead envy.
Will these do the same?

Anonymous said...

Ein pen kann nix
ein pencil viel.

The Pen Warrior said...

There was once a blogger called Dave
Whose pencil reviews were all the rave
Dave’s blogs now five
And he’s managed to contrive
Two pencils less for him to save

Also couldn’t resist happy 5th birthday.

Anonymous said...

In Te Tai-tokerau where the Tāne Mahuta still reigns,
Beneath divine protection there the wood of the kauri still lays,
From the Dawn of Time.

Since fifty thousand years when tāngata first rose,
In great numbers then the kauri tree first grew,
From the Dawn of Time.

By a daft man who the impossible did,
With the venerable wood he an unparalleled pencil turned,
From the Dawn of Time

Amidst that which be,
Atop a penvil there is,
From the Dawn of Time


Drew Schatt said...

These would be nice to win.

Bucky said...


chacha said...

fingers poised
arms arched
suspense mounting
minutes counting

a reminder of natures beauty of old
a remnant of long lost creativity's hold
lost to modernity
subject to rarity
left to charity
one heart gladdened
if one is mine
at havin a hold
on something losing hold on time

Noxonomus said...

Old or ancient
they may be free
but don't be complacent
the cost of these is...

Ok so maybe poetry isn't one my best skill but I kinda like the way it sounds if you say it just right.

Frank said...

Too hard to decide
Two beautiful pencils
Exquisite yearning

Chris said...

New Lead: 5 dollars <-( 0.9 to be exact)
New Bic Velocity: 3 dollars
Ancient bespoke pencil: Priceless

on a sidenote, they are incredible compared to the plastic menaces of today.

FilippoP said...

"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen". L. Wittgenstein

Unknown said...

What is the flat place where a writing instrument placed?

What is mechanical, has a propeller, but no engine?

bavenoglu said...

There is a pencil
which convicts innocent people

There is a pencil
which divides the borders of the countries on the world map

There is a pencil
which draws animals to walls of the caves

There is a pencil
which writes scientific articles for the development of the world

There is a pencil
which writes love poetries to beloved

choose your pencil carefully, it is not an easy process

ConfusedByTrig said...

To almost hear the accounts of an ancient life through a relic of its former self,
Stories of the world at its purest...