Friday, June 04, 2010

Poll 10 - Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencils

OK, the Poll closed a while ago.

The poll question was prompted by my review of the Paper Mate Apex mechanical pencil and was "What should we call vanishing point mechanisms".

The options and votes were:
Double Action - 4 votes (5%)
Double Push - 6 votes (8%)
Dual Action - 4 votes (5%)
Vanishing Point - 54 votes (79%)

Clearly "Vanishing Point" it is, which is certainly my prefered option. I'll make a label and apply it to applicable posts so you can click on it and see posts related to vanishing point pencils.

Such a pity that the Pilot Vanishing Point mechanical pencil is vanishing.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Spain, I have not stopped reading your reviews in all this time and now I have decided to resume my blog with many more pens to describe. I promise to be constant. Greetings

Kiwi-d said...

Howdy Portaminas, welcome back to the blogosphere.