Sunday, May 30, 2010

From The Desk - of Florida Bob

pencil case

Bob from Florida recently sent in a few photos of his Rosetta 20-pen case. As you can see it’s very well stocked, a case to be reckoned with. Bob’s only problem is that his wife and other ‘artistic’ relatives keep taking a liking to the contents, and frequent replenishment expeditions are required. He’s not entirely sure whether he should be thanking me or blaming me for all the money he’s spent on pencils…he's going to decide when he’s spent some more.
rosetta 20 pencil case
rosetta 20 pencil case full view


B2-kun said...

Looks like quite a smart pencil case. Pretty sleek way of storing and protecting a treasured collection. That Graphite 771 sort of sticks out huh? Well at least it's showing how the Rosetta case can hold wider barrel items.

Unknown said...
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memm said...

drool.. drool. what a nice collection. I wonder what material the case is made of.

Time Waster said...

Get a gun cabinet or fire proof safe and lock those suckers up.

Pamberjack said...

Dave - any chance of a list of contents?

josembielza said...

I've a similar case to carry with me my drawing stuff... the problem is that I've too many tools and only 20 places!

Kiwi-d said...

BoB has supplied me this list of case contents

HELIX 2.0 Lead Holder
X-ACTO Retractable knife
Ohto Super Promecha 05 PM-1505P
Pentel GRAPHGEAR 500 0.5
Pentel GRAPHGEAR 1000 .7
Pentel GRAPHGEAR 1000 .9
Pentel GRAPHGEAR 1000 BALL 07
Pilot The SHAKER
Sanford DIGIT
orange stick to poke them in & out
Platinum PRO-USE I 1000B
Platinum PRO-USE II 05 MSD-1500B
Platinum PRO-USE 1.0 BALL
Rotring 600 / 0.7 mm
Rotring 800 / 0.5 mm
Staedtler graphite 771
Staedtler 925 25-05
Staedtler REGULATOR 925 85-05
UNI-ball E-knock Eraser as a place holder
Zebra Tect 2way 05

Bob says he got the Rosetta case from

2nd_astronaut said...

probably this one:

Anonymous said...

Hm. I had found a similar case elsewhere that I was debating picking up, but one of the things that holds me back is the fact that it is made of leather. Same here but then I noticed "Ballistic Nylon/Napa Leather".
I searched Napa leather hoping it was a term for faux leather but rather the opposite, so I'm a bit confused - is it that it employs leather as well as nylon or that it is Ballistic nylon/faux leather (whatever one fancies)?


Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot, it is nylon made to imitate the smooth texture of "Nap(p)a leather" (the stuff found in high end car interiors according to wikipedia) obviously, ugh.


Anonymous said...

Or not: "Ballistic nylon with black leather trim"



Germ said...

"he's going to decide when he’s spent some more."

spoken like a true collector. He knows he likes getting more of em,

Tom Hall said...

He who dies with the most toys WINS.