Friday, March 12, 2010

Poll 9 – “I Am A Regular Reader From…?”

The polling stations have just closed and the final results of the readership survey have been tallied, giving the geographical locations of those of you who self-describe as regular readers of this blog and who took the time to vote. There were 489 votes cast, a reasonable increase on the 422 votes in the 2009 poll. The locations, vote percentages and number of votes were:

UK – 10% (51 votes)
Germany – 4% (21)
Spain – 2% (8)
Italy – 1% (7)
Other Europe – 8% (41)
Turkey – 3% (16)
Africa – 0% (1)
Japan – 2% (9)
Singapore – 1% (4)
Other Asia – 4% (22)
Australia – 4% (21)
Canada – 8% (38)
USA – 43% (212)
Brazil – 3% (13)
Other Cent/Sth America – 2% (10)
Elsewhere – 3% (15)

Thanks to those of you who voted. Just like in previous polls I get the feeling that Japanese people don’t vote. The 9 readers just does not tally with the direct views from Japan whenever I post a new article. Japan is also the only place to show a decline in readership.

As always I am very interested to hear from any and all readers and learn a little about the pencils of their part of the world, but at the risking of being accused of favouritism I would like to say a special Hello to the lone solitary person from Africa. Love to hear from you, my contact details are on my blogger profile. Also, I would be very interested to hear from any of you who are in Turkey, Other Central/South America (please don’t be offended Brazil) and of course good old Elsewhere. I am rather surprised at the number of you Elsewherers. It would be good to know where you are from – either by contacting me or leaving a comment on this post.

As you might expect, about 250 (50%) votes were recorded within the first 3 days of the poll, and then things became a fairly constant progression of about 20 – 25 votes (5%) per day for the next 10 days that the poll was open. This was still the case on the last day so there are obviously a fair number of regular but not so frequent readers.


Anonymous said...


I'm 1 of 15 your good old Elsewhere readers - actually from Russia.

Rich said...

Could the lower numbers from Japan be a result of them viewing the content from a iPhone or other handheld reader that prevents the completion of the poll? Just a thought.

Kiwi-d said...

Hi carrera4s - thanks for commenting - I particularly like your Lesson 1.

Rich - yes, many, many possibilities.