Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For Mechanical Pencil Nuts

Truly one for mechanical pencil nuts.

Mr Planters Peanut mechanical pencil
Mr Peanut branding
A while ago Lee from the Lone Star State sent me these quick snaps of his Mr Planters Peanut mechanical pencil. I had previously seen this pencil on “that auction site” but it’s good to see one in more detail.

Mr Planters peanut himself
Lee doesn’t recall exactly when he got it, but he thinks it was in the late 1980s or early 90s. He purchased a bag of Planters peanuts out of a snack machine at work and saw the offer for the pencil on the back of the bag. Send in two bags and a small fee for shipping and handling and receive a Planters Peanut pencil in return, if he remembers correctly.

Thanks Lee.


Time Waster said...

at leat it doesn't have a rubber grip =)

Germ said...

yer such a nut. heheheheheh. pencils are in.

miss.awesome.lady said...

lol, what a nutty pencil

Anonymous said...

It's long gone by now, but I'm sure I had one of those.