Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lamy Design - From the Hammock

My last posting was about a pencil book that I would not be reading from my holiday hammock, so I thought I should balance things up and post something about a book that I am reading. You may recall that some months ago I published an interview with Lamy. Well, at that time they very kindly sent me a couple of catalogues and publications, including this one:-
Lamy 40 Years

Entitled “2006 Design Brand Lamy – 40 years” this 27 x 23 cm (10 ½ x 9 in) softcovered 88 page booklet celebrates 40 years of Lamy as a design lead company and the 40th Anniversary of the Lamy 2000. The introduction by Dr Manfred Lamy explains that he joined the company in 1962 and whilst Lamy was a brandname there was no consistency of distinctive design. Dr Lamy then began the journey to establish Lamy as a design and marketing brand which led to the project to design “a fountain pen in the tradition of the Bauhaus” and thus the Lamy 2000 was born in ’66.
Lamy Introduction

One of the little gems from the book that I like the most is Dr Lamy discussing design creativity, “…for Italians beauty is right, while for us Germans what’s right is beautiful.” Another statement that resonated with me is “…the making and marketing of design products is our fundamental core expertise.” Many claim this sort of thing but personally I think it’s true in relation to Lamy.

The book is bi-lingual, with everything being in both German and English. It is divided into 4 major sections - The History, The Product Design, The Brand and The People.

The History
Lamy History

The Product Design
Lamy Product Design

The Brand
Lamy Brand
Lamy Brand 2

The People
Lamy People

The book closes with…

Lamy Closing Heidelberg


Germ said...

you must send this to me for perusal, or scan and email.... or can upload FTP, yours or mine.

Anonymous said...

Am I just seeing things or is that really the Lamy Dialog ballpoint pen?

Kiwi-d said...

Yep, Dialog (or now Dialog 1) it is.

Anonymous said...

I envy you. I'd love to have one of those.

Anonymous said...

is the lamy dialog 1 a good ballpoint, im contemplating about getting 1 for myself. i sure envy your collection.

great blog

Kiwi-d said...

The reason the Dialog1 was in that photo is it is on my list of items to review over the next couple of months. I believe the review will be generally favourable.

Unknown said...

Anxiously waiting on the Dialog 1 review. Help me out, I'm getting a closing discount of 20% from an online retailer which'll be good through this weekend, should I blind buy? I write over 10 pages a day and it'll be my go-to pen.