Saturday, March 29, 2008

Even More Pelikans

Just when you thought the Pelikan Parade was over…

Well, this time it’s not actually more Pelikan pencils, rather a few bits of Pelikan ephemera that I’ve picked up over the years. So, here’s a few images from some catalogues and other Pelikan stuff that I like.

Here’s the front cover of one Pelikan catalogue. It’s an A5 size softcover catalogue, “The Fine Writing Instruments From Pelikan” with the catchphrase, “Time changes many things, but not their intrinsic value”.

Like most luxury brands, Pelikan stress their history.
And their standards of design and quality. As you know, I might not actually be totally convinced of this aspect.
They market their writing instruments from several different angles, e.g. as an element of the creative process.
Or direct as a collectors items.
Here’s the Soverans, showing the increasing size as the number series increases.
Some of the more recent additions to the Pelikan range, e.g. the Pharo being inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs.
Of a less direct commercial nature are this series of 10 Pelikan Nostalgia cards. They are reprints of historical Pelikan advertising posters from 1899 to 1929, and are reprinted as actual postcards – if wanted you could get out your Pelikan, write a few words, lick a stamp and cruise on down to the local post office. Here are my favourites.
Phew, that ones likely to scare small children. So, for something less scary


Germ said...

did one of those pages say "Gunther"?


Anonymous said...

The historical posters are great!