Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Pencils That Aren’t

  1. Pencil moustache – Vincent rules!

  2. Pencil skirt – always popular and fashionable.

  3. The Flying Pencil – Dornier Do17, a German bomber from World War 2.

  4. Pencil pine – various species of tall slender conifers, pines, etc. Got a few in my garden.

  5. Pencil pleating – thin pleating on curtains, etc that looks like a row of pencils?

  6. Pencil pusher – the typical office/clerical worker, as shown by this little graphic. Guess I could also stick in a photo of me here, but there are much more interesting looking people who self-associate with the term “pencil-pusher”, like this person:Or the more mechanical interpretation?

  7. Pencil head – rather similar to the pencil pusher. However, this x-ray shows a very extreme case of pencil-headism.

  8. Pencil fish - various species of long thin fish.

  9. Styptic (or Caustic) pencil – used to stop bleeding by barbers, boxers, etc.

  10. Pencil boat – typically a long narrow inflatable type boat. However, there is also the more fundamentally pure interpretation.

OK, well I stopped at 10, but feel free to suggest more. I imagine there are many others in different languages and countries.


Anonymous said...

"pencil neck"


Germ said...

dull pencil....

meaning, a dullard

Anonymous said...

The stiletto heel is called "Bleistiftabsatz" in German which means "pencil heel" if translated word-to-word.

Thomas Cleveland said...

If you haven't read "The Pencil" By Henry Petroski, you're in for a treat. As an artist I love pencils they are sacrificed everyday to create beautiful works of art.