Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Winner - Christmas Giveaway

We have a winner.
doggle2 has contacted me to claim his pencils.

Ok, so the random number generator has chosen 4 finalists. The first one of you four to email me wins the pencils from the Christmas Ghosts.

Sharon A
Tina from the Sunshine Factory

You can get my email from the About Me section in the sidebar, just click through and My Profile has an Email link. I will check my spam folder too, because last time the winner ended up there! Alternatively if for some reason you cannot email me then leave a comment and here and we'll get in touch via carrier pigeon or some other method.


Stefano said...

...and let the rush begins.
Come on guys, hurry up! :)
As always: thanks Dave for the opportunity!

Matthias said...

There are some great prizes there. That Sheaffer, the wooden Ohto and the Biodegradable Papermate look really good...
I join Stefano in saying: thanks for this great giveaway!

aloised.mac@gmail.com said...


Evan, Canada said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Congrats all!

Stefano said...

Congratulations to the winner!