Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Few Fabers

On my desk display this week, a few from Faber-Castell

Twice multi pen  (1 x BP, 1 x MP tip)
TK Fine Vario L
TK Fine Executive

I often think that the TK Fine Executive and Vario L are the "Forgotten Fabers". They have been around for so long and never seem to get the hype, advertising, acknowledgement or attention of their constantly changing array of competitors from Japan and elsewhere.

Sometimes you just have to lay down some ink. Don't hate on me, the G-man makes me do it !
FP e-motion pearwood dark brown
BP e-motion pearwood dark brown
MP e-motion pearwood black

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Rhodia scRipt Mechanical Pencil Review

Rhodia scRipt Mechanical Pencil Review

Rhodia are well known for their orange covered paper products, and have had their own-brand woodcase pencil for many years so it is no real surprise that one day they decided to introduce a mechanical pencil to their range. I have seen it advertised in black, brown and silver but I am showcasing the scRipt in Rhodia’s signature colour, orange. Now when I say orange, I really mean ORANGE! The sort of orange that would make Dutch folk go crazy. If you are not a fan of orange then look away now and go back to your home page because this blog post will burn your eyes. This pencil was sent to me by Cult Pens without any safety warning but luckily I am not orange-intolerant.
rhodia script mechanical pencil
Rhodia orange, adding some colour to any day
Rhodia write the model name as scRipt and the packaging states the mechanical pencil is made in Japan and has a brushed aluminium body. Somewhat unusually for a Made in Japan mechanical pencil, I cannot find the word “Japan” on the pencil itself. I am certainly not implying anything by that statement, I am just making an observation. The hexagonal body is brushed aluminium so is initially cool to the touch. It is anodised or somehow otherwise coloured orange, and what an orange it is.  It is very deep and vibrant, with a reasonably glossy finish, much deeper and more vibrant than the orange of its packaging and of my Rhodia pads. You can see the brushed aluminium effect on the hexagonal body through the colour. The tip section, top button and pocket clip are however slightly different to the body. They appear more like a painted or lacquer finish, smooth and full gloss with a hint of metallic.
orange rhodia script mechanical pencil
Simple times with Rhodia notepad and pencil
Like many aluminium bodied mechanical pencils the Rhodia scRipt is still relatively lightweight, although at 17grams it is heavier than many of its aluminium brethren. In the hand it feels substantial and the balance is fairly neutral, perhaps slightly towards the tip. The hexagonal body should suit most hands but there is no specific grip section or grip enhancement.

The pocket clip is strong and sturdy, and carries the Rhodia branding. Combined with the hexagonal body this is a no desk roll pencil.
rhodia script top cap
Rhodia scRipt top cap, eraser and lead chamber
The lead advance is a standard push top ratchet system, and ten clicks will advance about 8mm of the 0.5mm lead. The mechanism feels smooth and positive. Up at the top end, there is the usual small emergency use eraser under the top cap and you pull the eraser out to access the lead magazine. Unfortunately though the plastic lead magazine tube is quite loose and wobbly inside the outer metal body and when the top cap is in place there is often an audible metallic rattling as the top cap wobbles around inside the metal body. This is a bit of an annoying let down on an otherwise good quality product. I imagine a bit of tape wrapped around the base of the top button would put an end to the rattle.
rhodia script mechanical pencil sliding sleeve tip retracted
scRipt tip retracted
rhodia sliding sleeve extended
scRipt mechanical pencil sliding sleeve extended
I must admit to a surprise the first time I pushed down on the top button. Out popped a 4mm sliding sleeve. I just automatically expected the scRipt would be a general writing pencil, but Rhodia have obviously tried to cater for the more technically orientated artist as well as the general user. To help reduce lead breakage there is also a lead cushioning system in the tip as well, so the lead will spring back in a millimetre or so under heavy pressure. Of course some don't like cushioning systems, feeling they make things feel squishy and less precise, but I don't usually agree with that view as the amount of pressure required to push the spring back is quite a lot. The retractable sliding sleeve means this is a pocket safe pencil.

Overall then this is a decent mechanical pencil, and if you are a fan of Rhodia notebooks or paper and want a mechanical pencil then the scRipt in orange should be on your list of options.

•    Best Points – ORANGE!
•    Not So Good Points – The rattle
•    Price Range – Mid
•    Does this pencil make it into the Top 5? – No
Dimensions – Length   132mm extended, 9mm across the flats of the hexagonal body section. Balance point about 65mm up from the tip.

Disclaimer: This Rhodia scRipt mechanical pencil was sent to me free of charge by Cult Pens. Thanks Cult Pens.

The Rhodia scRipt orange mechanical pencil is much more orange than Rhodia pad covers, although these images make the pad cover orange look rather light and washed out. My apologies to the marketing folk at Rhodia.

rhodia script orange mechanical pencil

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cross Time

It is Cross time on my desk display stand. I used to have quite a few more pencils by Cross, but let a few go recently.
A little bit of luxury.

Cross - finally out getting some sun and fresh air

From top to bottom
Century II Medalist
Solo (probably a Solo Classic to be specific, but I'm not 100% sure)
Tech 3 Multi Pen - 2 x BP + MP tips

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Image Gallery

I've put a link in the sidebar, but here it is also Image Gallery. I want to have an image gallery of my collection. Not really information about the pencils, primarily just an image list. I haven't been able to find a free photo organizer that I could use in the way that I wanted, so have created the test Image Gallery using a Blogger template. It's not ideal, but not that bad either. The Navigation page hopefully explains how to use the site. Anyway, I would be interested if anyone has any smart ideas or comments about it or other products, etc.

Winner - Christmas Giveaway

We have a winner.
doggle2 has contacted me to claim his pencils.

Ok, so the random number generator has chosen 4 finalists. The first one of you four to email me wins the pencils from the Christmas Ghosts.

Sharon A
Tina from the Sunshine Factory

You can get my email from the About Me section in the sidebar, just click through and My Profile has an Email link. I will check my spam folder too, because last time the winner ended up there! Alternatively if for some reason you cannot email me then leave a comment and here and we'll get in touch via carrier pigeon or some other method.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Japanese Translation

This is a plea for help. Does anyone read Japanese? I have a few pages from an old Pentel catalogue in Japanese and I would really like to know what they say :)
So if anyone reading this also reads Japanese and thinks they might be able to help please do contact me.

You can email at the address in "About Me (View my complete profile)" in the sidebar.