Friday, November 02, 2018

Rotring Display

One Dozen Red Roses Rings

This week on the desk display, twelve of my Rotrings.

The first stand.
Top to Bottom
  • 800
  • Rapid Pro
  • 600 - version without "Rotring 600" printed on the body.
  • 500
  • TS Slide 0.3mm - not made in Japan or Germany, but rather West Germany :) A reminder that innovative sleeves and mechanisms to enhance the usability of 0.3mm lead have been around for over 30 years.  
  • 300 - 2mm leadholder
and on the other stand.
Top to bottom
  • 900 - a "side knock" body bend mechanism.
  • Newton Trio multi pen/pencil.
  • Trio multi pencil - 0.35/0.5/0.7mm.
  • Side Knock - like the 900, a "side knock" body bend mechanism, but unlike the 900 it is a Rotring without a rot ring.
  • Initial
  • Core Tecnor - psychedelic rubber madness.
Some more views.

And the other rack


Ruurd said...


You're posting this on what day, Dave? It's Fountain Pen Day today! :-)

Kiwi-d said...

Oh, seriously? I didn't even know :) Pure coincidence! Well I hope the Ink Lords won't take it as an affront :D

Robert said...

Nice! I hope that drafting has not become a lost art. I wonder if engineering students these days just do computer drafting?

bioMechanica said...

Hi Robert,
Senior EGR student here. CAD models are considered legal documents in industry in the same manner that drawings once were. At least in the US, the concept of drafting is introduced, taught, and practiced as a 3D CAD based activity on college campuses. An Italian post-doc in my lab comments fondly of the mechanical students in his country, who were required to demonstrate their ability to free-hand technical draw. One of the tests, for instance, consisted of one question: "Draw four straight horizontal lines of equal length, width, and spacing." Not many people pass this one...
I think a lot about the lost draftsman and his role in the design team. It could be romanticism, but I swear I gain more insight about my designs when I draw them first, rather than going straight to CAD....

Anonymous said...

rotring is a beautiful brand that I enjoy working with every day. a nice collection you have there, especially the rotring 500. 0.9 mm I would like to keep in my hands. compliments with the beautiful site. Arne Middeldorp

Kiwi-d said...

Thanks Arne. My second dozen are not so naturally photogenic :)