Monday, July 30, 2018

Winner - Giveaway - Filofax

Right, I said I would choose a small pool of potential winners and the first of those to then contact me wins. Well as suspected there were very few entrants so the pool of potential winners is everyone who commented on the Giveaway-Filofax post before entries closed.

Potential winners, please contact me to claim your prize. My email address is available from 'About Me - View my profile' in the sidebar. If you've got some problem finding or using that email address then leave a comment here on this post and we will figure something out.

***We have a winner****
Sorry 'Sharon from Long Beach', but Dan Goldman has beaten you to the prize cupboard. Better luck next time.


Stefano said...

No Filofax, no party!
I'm sure the giveaway will go to someone who deserves it!

Blackbeard said...

Congratulations, Dan.
Hope you're happy with the new pencil.

Stefano said...

Congratulations, Dan!