Monday, July 23, 2018

Giveaway - Filofax

Filofax parted ways with Yard-o-Led a few years back, and now its time for me to part with my Filofax Organiser Pencil... but not my Yard-o-Led.

This Filofax mechanical pencil was used carefully for a week or so back in 2009 as part of my review. I promise you though, if I hadn't just told you I'd used it, you would think it was new and unused. So, if you want it, it's yours. But wait! There's more! A free set of steak knives to the first four callers... no wait, sorry, I'm getting confused. But there is actually more. This giveaway has a catch. You have to have a Filofax. This mechanical pencil has to go home to its family. Now it's not that I don't trust you, but I will insist on photographic proof when you receive the pencil - a shot of pencil and Filofax happily hanging out together. I might even post it on this blog.

I hope someone out there uses a Filofax. Tell your friend if you know one who does, otherwise this might be the Giveaway that no one wins. How embarrassing :) Or am I just ignorant and there's still a lot of Filofax Folk out there? I hope there is.

Anyway, if you want to enter just leave a comment on this blog post. A small pool of potential winners will be selected randomly in a weeks time, and the first of those to then contact me wins, so  check back on the 30th. As always if you comment anonymously then leave some identifier in your comment so I can tell one anonymous from another, e.g. "Call me FaxoFreddy" or "I'm Felicity Filofax from Florida."



Dangold said...

Do Filofax Notebooks count? I use one of those: Thanks for the giveaway!

kiwi-d said...

Yes indeed, anything Filofax counts!

kiwi-d said...

Sure does.

Blackbeard said...

Indeed, something that was made to fit Filofax organizers certainly will be better used by those who own one. I don't have one so I'm sitting out of this one. Good luck to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I use a Filofax and would love a pencil that fits it.

Sharon from Long Beach.

Matthias Meckel said...

It's quite a good looking pencil. Good to know it found a new home with the winner.