Monday, April 12, 2010

King of the Clones?

Chung Hwa 1.85mm mechanical pencil set
I feel like I am fast becoming some sort of Clone-Lord. Not that I’m complaining, I kind of like it…a self-styled King of the Clones…I can live with that!

So here’s yet another differently branded clone of the 1.85mm rectangular lead mechanical pencil that I’ve featured before. That factory must surely be doing well for itself.

This version is sold under the Chung Hwa brand of China First Pencil Co. I guess the model number is 128.
Apparently in Chinese, Chung Hwa means ‘China’ in a cultural sort of way, rather than a geographical or political way. As expected it is sold as an examination pencil.

A brief translation of the text on the front of the hang-sell card:-
The text above 2B means exam
The left column means "Make Chinese successful" – apparently this sounds perfectly normal in Chinese.
Middle column: Chinese exam designated automatic pencil 'V'
Right column: Association of Chinese Pen Manufacturers special designated pencil for exams.

I note the eraser even has 2B on it. The cardboard sleeve is the same length as the eraser and it’s a real struggle to push the eraser out of the sleeve. The eraser is quite soft and a little crumbly. I think it’s got a fairly high content of scrubber fillers. I drew a few test bubble circles with the 128 pencil and tested the eraser. Not too bad, but Staedtler Mars plastic is better.

Eraser test for scantron
Obviously Scantron machines in China require 2B mechanical pencil lead rather than No 2 wooden pencil lead. Sorry, couldn’t resist the smart comment.

Thanks to Matthias at Bleistift for sending this one to me, and providing translation services.


Anonymous said...

The left column means “make Chung Hwa's talent” or “make Chinese talent".
The Scantron machines in China do require 2B pencil, either mechanical or wooden, but I haven't heard No 2 pencil before.

Anonymous said...

2B or not HB, that is the question. Wait, I think I've misquoted that?

Scantrons here in the States require #2 or HB, whatever you choose to call it. I always wanted to try darker lead to see what happens, however, I am unwilling to experiment to the possible detriment of my grade. I don't exactly understand how the readers work, but I know that all the tests I took with .7mm HB Super Hi Polymer Pentel lead always works just fine.


miss.awesome.lady said...

LOL...I guess that's just a wacky miscommunication???

Anonymous said...

Scantrons work with a lot of different lead hardnesses, although they recommend #2 or HB. The even work with ballpoint pens.