Saturday, August 15, 2009

Normal Transmission

I’ve been away overseas, escaping winter, watching kangaroos, avoiding snakes and sinking a few tubes whilst laughing with the kookaburra’s and contemplating the important things, like, “Just how much can a koala bear?”. In my absence this blog has been auto-publishing, but I got to a PC every now and then to release comments, although I haven’t really answered any questions, etc. Anyway, I’m back now, so things should soon return to normal.

Here’s one of my photos I like, clickable for hi-res. I haven’t got a fancy camera or anything, and it’s taken from a (slowly) moving boat, but it’s turned out OK. Reflection in the water of the everglades. The water is black, like black tea, full of tannins from all the tea trees. The ph is about 5, so no waterbirds and not many species of fish, but a quick dip does change you from a pale pasty winter-white into a bronzed Adonis. The water is kind of velvety, oily-smooth, which combined with the blackness gives some great reflections. The reflection in the water is actually better then the real thing.


Penmaniacs said...

speaking of vacations, lately i have been becoming very antsy to try to take a trip to the land of the lord of the rings.

Anonymous said...

Now... That description reminds me a lot of some of the lakes on Fraser Island, but I'm thinking that might be somewhere in the Kimberleys or NW Queensland.

Kiwi-d said...

Blogger has a feature which I have only recently realised. When you upload a photo it copies your naming of it, which then displays if the photo is clickable. So, if you click and enlarge the photo you will a see a name which pretty much gives the game away. You are "warm" with Fraser Island.