Monday, September 29, 2008

Housekeeping & Repairs

I've amended the "Whats It Called" posting again. You can scroll down a few entries to see it.

Also, a long time reader has suggested it might be worthwhile to mention the below link. I do try to stay away from commercial aspects, but I have had a few enquiries about repairs to vintage mechanical pencils, so I'll bend the rules a bit, again. Just for the record though, I know nothing about and have not used their services.

Mechanical Pencil Repair
From time to time, clients ask if I can repair mechanical pencils. I hadn’t started out to be a pencil mech, but I don’t like telling people no, and my success rate has turned out to be pretty good. If you have a pencil with a problem, please contact us to see about resurrecting it. I have a small supply of parts for vintage pencils, and I can frequently adapt parts or repair existing parts to get your pencil working again.


BigBuddhaYo said...

Well, I tend to fancy fountain pens as well, and I can tell you that Mr. Binder is VERY well thought of in that circle. He does amazing nib work and restoration, and is a stand up gentleman for sure. Hust FYI here, no affiliations.


Anonymous said...

Can a Staedtler 925 95 05 be repaired. Lead continuly breaks (4B). Also, can not get lead to advance. Seems to get hung up???

kiwi-d said...

I'd suggest you contact Staedtler.

sagar9780 said...

my staedtker 925 05 has a problem when ever i click it for more lead the whole lead piece falls out not like a normal process where just a little piece will move up and stop what do you think is wrong

Arthur said...

I recently purchased a vintage durolite mechanical pencil with a split in the barrel that holds the eraser. My question is how do I take off the barrel from another mechanical pencil without causing damage in order to replace broken one with a new one.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a screw-type Leroy Fairchild pen/pencil combo and the pencil mechanism does not work - the pencil slips into the mechanism so that you cannot apply pressure to write. Any ideas on how to fix this?

shawn, watch-art said...

any chance you could give advice on my vintage conklin? it's about a 1930s model I'd guess, and the bit in the section end doesn't do anything. I don't know if it's seized up, rusted up, or just jammed or broken.