Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poll 5 – Rubber Grips

The latest poll has closed.

The question was, “Rubber grips on mechanical pencils?”, with voting choices
Love ‘em = 60 votes (32%)
Hate ‘em = 78 votes (41%)
I’m neutral = 49 votes (26%)

We all know I’m not really a fan of rubber grips. I’m not surprised at the above results from readers of this blog, but from the number of pencils with rubber grips I suspect manufacturers believe, and their sales reflect, that the majority of the public prefer rubber grips. Any pencil can be made “better and more ergonomic” by adding some rubber to it. Well, that seems to be one theory anyway.


Glen Mullaly said...

Darn! I missed the poll. Well, put me down in the "hate 'em" column. In fact, if there was a column even more negative I'd be in that one.

miss.awesome.lady said...

Well ut me down for love em