Friday, February 08, 2008

Help Wanted

OK, so here's the thing, I've got this mechanical pencil which is distributed by a Malaysian company, and without going into details, suffice to say I want some more, and my original source has dried up. So, I'm looking for help, i.e. someone in Malaysia (or Singapore I suppose) who might want to do a pencil swap or come to some other arrangement to help me out. So, any friendly readers out there from Malaysia? If so, I'd really appreciate you leaving a comment and contact details or dropping me a line via the email address up in the blog header.


Glen Mullaly said...

Good luck Dave. I've had to rely on a reseller in Hong Kong to supply me with the only-available-in-Asia artificial brushes ( neoprene tipped brush markers ) I often use for my inking needs. I got in touch with them originally through eBay - I'm sure you've tried that already?

Anonymous said...

who makes the pencil?


Anonymous said...

im from Malaysia!
i can help you, just tell me the details.

Kiwi-d said...

Hello Anonymous from Malaysia.

Thanks very much for your offer. Probably best if we communicate directly - can you please email me at davespencils AT