Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pentel Pen Set - RK10 + P1135

Nice presentation case.
Open it up and here’s a Pentel pen & pencil set I got at auction late last year. The rollerball pen has “RK10” on its cap, and the pencil has “0.5 P1135” on its cap. The set is in excellent condition.
I don’t know anything about either the RK10 or P1135, but from their looks I would say they’re from the 1980’s or so. They are fairly slimline type designs by today’s standards, and the pocket clips look a bit “retro”. When in use, the metal caps are obviously intended to be posted on the end of the body, particularly with the pencil.The top end of the pencil body has this rounded button on it.When the metal cap is posted on the end of the body it forces the metal cap push-top button out so you can then click it to advance the lead. Rather similar concept to the current Sharp Kerry.
Overall I’d say this was a pretty good score, one of those nice surprises from when you take a chance and bid on an auction with a poor picture, a vendor who claims to “know nothing”, etc. Balances out the disappointments of so many other auctions when the goods turned out to be not quite as good as you had hoped for.

So, if anyone knows when the P1135 dates from, then please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Found your blog through a google search. I am looking around for a good mechanical pencil and was hoping you could maybe help me out. My preferences are something with a relatively slim body, light, .7mm, and with a bigger eraser than I've seen on many drafting pencils. I guess I'm basically looking for a regular old Bic, but just a little bit nicer/heavier. The biggest selling point here is the eraser. I need something at least like on a Bic. No eraser or a small one just aren't going to cut it.

Thanks in advance for any help!


(galexkeene [a] gmail)

Dave B said...

I'm sure Dave has seen a lot more pencils than I have but I have to pitch you my personal favorite. At work, while out in the warehouse, I use a Pentel Forte 0.7. It has the quality mechanisms you would expect from Pentel plus a nice size exposed eraser. The price is right too, a pack of 4 for about $5.

Anonymous said...

I like the pentel QE515-A twist erase. A little higher quality than the Forte but still affordable at less then 5 bucks. It's got a big honking eraser that advances as you twist it. Comes in .5 .7 and .9.

I like the .7 and the .9. They're easy to find and last forever. Good luck with your search.


Anonymous said...

nice set dave. send it to me anytime for evaluation. :)

just got a manufactum in as well. VERY nice. plus some others. check the collection pages.


Ed said...

This is my favorite general pencil. Usually the grip of really single pencil I have is too low or too high, width is too thick or too thin, the pencil has no grip or the grip hurts your skin but this pencil is the right zone in all of these categories and IT'S CAPPED!!!. I had a black one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, the mechanical pencil is called pentel "cil" in Japan as far as I am aware.