Friday, January 25, 2008

P is for?

I’m struggling. Maybe it's the weather?

That big long blog free break over Dec/Jan has taken its toll. I want to get back into it, just can’t quite seem to get around to it. I’m typing this as part of the programme to force myself to get on with it.

The rest of January and then February will be featuring the letter “P” - that’s P for the long neglected Pelikan, and also for Parker and for Pentel. It will also be P for pen.

Just to whet the appetite, heres a little something from Pelikan.
That long black thing in the centre of this shot of the dump that I call my desk, is the Pelikan 'two-pen pouch'. It’s very nice supple black leather, keeps those pencils from taking a beating in your briefcase, etc. Well worth the investment. The big long flap folds over the top and tucks in through a belt loop type arrangement to secure it shut.


The Monkey said...

Personally, I like the older version of that pouch, which has a gold medallion on the "belt loop". Mine dated from the early 1990's, and it still looks great.

Pawel Bartuzi said...

Very nice pouch although the perfect one should keep the pencils from rubbing agains each other. Might not be very important if you use plastic pencils but as soon as you start using something along the lines of Pentel PG-1505 it is IMHO necessary.

Kiwi-d said...

Yes you are certainly right Pawel. I must clarify that inside the pouch there is a leather flap that effectively divides the pouch into two seperate sections thus stopping the pencils from rubbing and damaginf each other.

Pawel Bartuzi said...

They are clever people those at Pelikan, certainly. :)

Anonymous said...

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