Friday, August 17, 2007


Blogger have finally got their profile searching back up and working. So, I checked out how many others have “mechanical pencils” listed in their profiles. The answer is, there are 60, plus me.

I’m a bit worried about some of your other interests though, but then ‘each to their own’ I always say.

I did count up where said “mechanical pencils” people come from, or at least where they say they come from :)
  • 40 from USA, 2 from Philippines, 1 each from Burkina Faso, Canada, Macao, Singapore, United Kingdom, Wonderland, and me from NZ. Another 12 have not revealed their hiding place. Seems like penciling is a US thing! or maybe just the internet and blogging?

Just for comparison, “pencils” brings up 202 people, and “Pentel” is just me all on my lonesome.

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Glen Mullaly said...

Then again there are people like me who don't list anything in the "Interests" section of my Blooger profile but are still very interested in mechanical pencils.

I guess we're shy.