Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Love These Guys

Recently my attempts to obtain some Koh-i-noor leads ended in disappointment and an invitation to buy some snake protective clothing?! Well, they’ve upped the ante on me now. These guys are great. I buy a pencil from them, and a few weeks later a big brand new 2007-2008 full colour, A4 size, 728 page catalogue arrives. Totally unasked for. Posted to me all the way from the USA. Talk about chasing my business, and global warming get stuffed.

Its chock full of fantastic stuff. Two of my favourites:-
  • “Beaver & Otter Trapping Techniques”, softcover, 114 pages. Awesome. Unfortunately, (a) similarly to snakes, we don’t have any beavers, otters or other such similar things here in NZ; and (b) never seen one, but I think I’d like beavers and otters and don’t really want to trap them. But hey, I’m sure this booklet is full of really interesting practical stuff, and if I’m ever lost in the Canadian wilderness and really really hungry, then I’ll be damn glad I read this booklet.
  • “DNA Depot Family DNA ID Card” – an experimental test kit to take and analyse DNA from your family and produce the family DNA tree. Umm, not really sure why a forestry company would be selling this, but just imagine the possibilities… “Hey Mum, how come my DNA looks like yours but doesn’t look anything like Dads?” My mind just boggles. Think of all the lawsuits for “emotional torment” from incorrect test results, let alone the lawsuits from the correct test results! This test kit is just mayhem and mischief packaged up in a box!

It’s almost enough to make me take up a career in the forestry industry just so I can legitimately shop with these guys.