Saturday, March 02, 2019

Winner - Jeopardy Giveaway

So, the number is 542, which means "Paul" is the winner.
Paul, please email me - address is in the sidebar About Me, My Profile.

"Hue T", you are second so you might want to contact me too just in case Paul doesn't :)


Stefano said...

Nice shot, Paul :)
...and really a nice prize!
Thanks Dave for another giveaway.

paul said...

Wow, nice. Thanks Dave for the giveaway – and Douglas Adams for THE ANSWER 42 ;D

The Zebra Delguard 0.3 was already on top of my wishlist for some time now, so be sure that it'll get good use.

Hue T said...

So close, alas. ;)

Congrats Paul!