Thursday, August 09, 2018

About You

Now that this blog has been going again for a few months I thought I would have a little look at visitor data. I’m always interested in stats about the blog, so here's a little bit of data and comparison with the old days.

April to July 2018.
The Top 10 countries by pageviews

1 = USA (always #1 every week)
2 = France (always #2 every week)
3 = UK
4 = Canada
5 = Russia
6 = Germany
7 = Spain
8 = Australia
9 = Brazil
10 = Italy
The Top 10 account for about 77% of all pageviews.

Others who have made it into the Top 10 for more than one week - El Salvador, Japan, Netherlands, Poland.

Others who have made it into the Top 10 for just one week - Czechia, Georgia, Thailand.

Comparing that to long term stats… where are you Turkey? There used to be lots of Turkish visitors. Also France, number 2 every week, that’s a big difference from the old days. I like France - wine, cheese, rugby... but I'm not blogging in French, so it's a bit surprising. I also note the absence of India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

I'm always interested in statistics like that ;)
Curious about France. That many French readers? Wonder if they could express themselves!

Matthias said...

France is a surprise. I don't get many French visitors. Are they more interested in mechanical pencils than wood-cased pencils?

Blackbeard said...

Out of curiosity, what countries make the Bottom 10?

Kiwi-d said...

The Bottom 10.
Well the inbuilt native Blogger statistics package only actually gives you the Top 10, that's it. I keep some manual records to compile long term data.

The bottom 10 would be plenty of countries with no visits. However, from Flag Counter here's some Bottom sort of data. There are 9 countries in the Top 100 which have not had a new visitor in 2018. That does not mean no visitors from that country, it means no new visitor, i.e. one without a previous visit cookie. So those 9 countries range from #74 to #100 and they are, in descending order Macedonia, Panama, Jordan, Iran, Honduras, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Bolivia and Albania.

Another way of looking at it, here the bottom 5 countries/territories ever, and the last time a NEW visitor came from there - Netherlands Antilles (2012), Gabon (2012), Guinea (2011), San Marino (2011), Montserrat (2010)

Penmsueum said...

Sad that there aren't any visitors from Japan in the top 10. Mechanical pencils are very popular there.

Kiwi-d said...

Yes I would certainly love to have more Japanese readers. Japan has made it into the Top 10 a couple of times on a weekly basis, but not enough to get into the Top 10 overall. I think the language barrier is too big for many, and ... why would they bother? They live in the "Home of Mechanical Pencils" and have everything available at their fingertips, in Japanese :)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour from France. I have been following your very interesting blog for a few months. There are very few resources in french about mechanical pencils (porte-mines) whereas there are quite a few for fountain pens, inks, ballpoints... Or maybe I haven't found them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if things are changing in Korea. Semi-decent Stationery shops used to have wide range of mechanical pencils. I used to be able to get pretty much anything I wanted with ease and at a good price (excluding European brands). Now the range seems much more limited and needs to be ordered online). Changing demographics maybe?


Kiwi-d said...

I guess so, PJN. My friend in Korea says many market segments and companies are struggling with the massive demographic age change.

Matthew A. said...
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Matthew A. said...

Sorry, had to delete my comment, too many stupid autocorrect errors! What I was trying to write is how I too am surprised there are not more Japanese viewers. I’m #4 . . . Go Canada 🇨🇦!