Saturday, July 14, 2018

Winners - Mechanical Pencil Day Giveaway

Okay, its 14 July in my time zone, so once again, a big thank you to Cult Pens, here are the winners.

The most popular pencil was clear, with about twice as many wanting to win the TWSBI as did the Lamy. So you Lamy lovers have twice the chance of winning !!

Right then, the winners are...

For the TWSBI Precision Fixed
  • Gary F
For the Lamy Al-star
  • Evander..... I guess this is a double surprise :)
So, winners, please contact me within a week, otherwise your pencil will go to a new random winner. My email address is available from 'About Me - View my profile' in the sidebar. If you've got some problem getting to that then leave a comment here on this post.

Boy, that Bleistift guy has really socked it to me this Mechanical Pencil Day, he's even got video for the winners! :) I'm going to have to up my game for Round 2.

Also, coming soon to a blog near you, another Giveaway!


Stefano said...

Congratulations to winners!
...and thanks again for the opportunity!

Blackbeard said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Matthias said...

Oh - there'll be a round 2? That's exciting!