Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Giveaway - Staedtler Sticks

A Series of Sticks from Staedtler.

I know a fair number of you are also interested in woodcase pencils, and I thought of you as I was organizing these for disposal. So free to a good home... well you have to pay for the postage.

Staedtler Australia closed down their wooden pencil manufacturing quite a while ago, but here's a few you may be interested in. A little stroll down memory lane for me.

The mighty Mars Lumograph.
I believe the top one is the oldest as it is gold printing, the other three are newer white printing.

The everyday Tradition
Quite the time series here. The top three have barcodes so are the newest. Note the ever changing printing - left to right, right to left, font size of AUSTRALIA, etc. The bottom one is quite different.

The economical Pacific
The top two are the newest because they have barcodes. I assume the black print is the newer of the top two, black ink must be cheaper than gold. The bottom blue and red ones have different model numbers printed on them.

The schoolyard Elephant

So, if you want them for your collection, just pay for the postage and they are yours. As a rough guide, postage to USA = USD 12, to UK = GBP 9, to Japan = JPY 1,300.
Email me, address via my profile link in "About Me" in the sidebar. I'll do a draw if more than one of you want them.

Get in quick, they ain't makin' them no more!

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Matthias said...

I wouldn't mind having the old Tradition to compare it to a UK made one from the same time.. and one Lumogrpah.. and one elephant if they are unclaimed.😊