Saturday, March 05, 2011

We Have A Winner 4

It's all over. The final giveaway has closed and the random number generator on my old Casio fx-82TL calculator has selected xMisoSoupx as the winner.

So, please down your soup and send me an email by using the address in the sidebar "About Me - View My Complete Profile".

Thanks to all of you who have enetered into the various giveaways, sorry I could give you all a prize.

xMisoSoupx - it's been over 48hrs and I haven't heard from you...time's running out.


Jack said...

Congratulations, xMisoSoupx!
Happy shopping!

David Reimer said...

More congrats to xMisoSoupx! (Wee shame the "old Casio" was malfunctioning! I wasn't even close! :)

Two quick thoughts: (1) if we stay quiet and xMiso doesn't claim the prize ... well, hope springs eternal! (2) But assuming that xMiso has been checking back as often as I have ;), maybe a wee note in the comments about what it went towards would be a bit of fun?

Tajikaroo said...

Congratulations, all winners!

This has been a really interesting month for this Blog. Here's hoping for the opportunities for more giveaways in the future!

Max said...

Congratulations xMisoSoupx!! Would you let us know how you decide to spend them please?
Once again, a big congrats!!


dzyner said...

Congrats xMisoSoupx ! Maybe you could write a guest review of all the items you buy with this prize.

Dave, many thanks for a very fun 5th anniversary ! I'm looking forward to the 10th :)

2nd_astronaut said...

No live sign of xMisoSoupx... Greed is awaking (again)... :-)

Anonymous said...

Was für ein Hänger!
Schon die rotring Rapid pro Gewinner hatten sich auf Null verdünnt als sie ein paar Zeilen dazu schreiben sollten, die Voll-Versager.
<- google translate could help you - forget it :D

Dave, fire up your calculator again and chose another winner.

Henrik said...

Well, if xMisoSoupx doesn't show up, I'll gladly volunteer...