Thursday, July 01, 2010

Magic House Automatic Pencil

Early this year my pencil friend Memm was in China and sent me a few goodies from there. Amongst the things he sent, one pencil stood out because I saw the magic words, it was a Magic House automatic pencil. Woo-hoo! Finally I have one.
magic house pencil logo

Back in August 2008 I mentioned the Magic House automatic pencil on this blog and pointed out that their sales information contains dubious statements and outright lies. A quick check of their website shows nothing has changed – still the same rubbish about other pencils containing poisonous lead. They should be ashamed of themselves, what a bunch of disreputable folk.

Anyway, onto the main event…wait for it…it’s the…

Magic House Automatic Pencil

magic house autolead pencil sn-260

magic house automatic pencil markings

So, on the packaging it states the exporter is “Taiwan Magic House Manufacturing Ltd” from Taipei, Taiwan, so that implies the pencil is Made in Taiwan. I’m not surprised by that, because the pencil is actually quite good. In fact I now realize I’ve had a Magic House automatic pencil all along, just under a different brand, i.e. Eberhard Faber EFAmatic.
magic house automatic pencil and efamaticmagic house pencil tips

There’s no need for me to review the Magic House autolead pencil because I’ve already done so as the EFAmatic back in December 2006. Actually it was good to go back and look at that article. Times have changed, for the better. Back then I was doing this blog with dial-up internet access, my camera was only  1.8 mega pixels…and I won’t even mention how much RAM my PC had or the size of its hard disk because no one would believe me. The only significant thing I would write differently today is that I would rate the Magic House automatic pencil even higher today than back then. Back then I noted the annoying plunging, well this time around there was none. That’s the thing that really gets me - there’s nothing wrong with this pencil, it’s a good pencil, there’s simply no need for false advertising, it can sell on it’s own merits.

Those lead refills really are impressive!
magic house autolead pencil refills

Memm tells me there is also a triangular Magic House pencil aimed at the childrens market.


B2-kun said...

Pretty neat pack. Don't recall ever seeing full pencil-length lead refills before. Guess manufacturers might avoid using long leads like those for economic and practical reasons like avoiding breakage during transit or even regular handling.

Henrik said...

Time flies! I too remember the Magic House Ltd. and their informative website! Nice to hear, that they are doing business as usual.
It is a nice pencil – but not ideal for the absent minded. I would fear that either I or one of my students might sharpen it at some point.:-)
I don’t suppose, it will make it into the top 5?

Grace @shoplet said...

These are so cool! I've never seen a separate pack for pencil lead before either. But I love how it sneakily looks like a normal grade school pencil but isn't.

Lexx said...

Wooo! That's a long lead there! *-*

I'd probally buy this just bacauz of the lead size, plus an extra mechanical pencil together.

Palimpsest said...

They do look good. I think it's the seagulls that sell them to me. ;)

Dwscamel said...

I like the eraser and long leads, but otherwise it just seems kinda fly-apart to me. It reminds me of a Bic MP, which isn't terrible, just not on the wish list.

Time Waster said...

You should try stepping on this pencil see if the magic holds it up. Or if it's just enchanted with magic like properties. like no lead breakage

Anonymous said...

So where can I find this pencil and how much does it cost?

Anonymous said...

Says on the packaging:
(The five large characters) Never-breaking pencil [leads]
(The 4x3 characters) No sharpening and no pushing [buttons] - World patent - Made in Taiwan
On the yellow pencil, right side of the AUTOLEAD thing, it says (within the cartouche) Ballistic Type - Fully Automatic Pencil