Monday, August 23, 2010

Stabilo EASYergo 1.4mm Mechanical Pencil

Stabilo EASYergo 1.4mm Mechanical Pencil

Back in April 2009 I reviewed the Stabilo ‘s move easyergo mechanical pencil. Whilst I was reasonably impressed with the pencil, I certainly was not impressed with that monstrosity of a name. Well, it seems that Stabilo have had a bit of a rethink and the ‘s move bit has gone, turning an abomination into something far more palatable. Hoo-rah for that, good on you Stabilo.

It’s been out for a while, but now there is a 1.4mm lead version to compliment the original 3.15mm version.
stabilo easyergo mechanical pencil

Advertised as suitable for ages 7+ I think this 1.4mm pencil is an excellent addition to the range. I was never totally convinced about the use of 3.15mm lead in the original version and feel that 1.4mm is a good choice – strong enough to handle the demands of learner writers yet fine enough to not require sharpening.
stabilo easyergo pencil packaging

As pictured here, you unscrew the top half of the body to access the lead magazine.
stabilo easyergo mechanical pencil refilling
See what a difference a simple name change can make to the general happines of the world!

Like the original version there is an absolute minimum of separable parts in this mechanical pencil, an important consideration when dealing with young investigative but easily distracted minds.

I noted that the packaging did not state any country of origin. Informed sources have since advised me that apparently EU rules only allow a country of origin statement when it is in all (17?) official languages and clearly Stabilo only use a subset of the official languages. As to it’s actual country of origin, well, like many manufactured goods that’s a complicated little game. Apparently the two-shot grip zone piece is made by Stabilo in Germany, and the remaining parts (except for the mechanism) are made by Stabilo in the Czech Republic. The lead mechanism is purchased from Japan, the leads from Korea, and the final assembly and packaging are done by Stabilo in the Czech Republic. I will leave you to decide country of origin.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a pencil for younger folk, then I suggest you check out the Stabilo EASYergo range.

This EASYergo 1.4mm mechanical pencil was given to me by Cult Pens.


memm said...

Having to print the country of origin statement in all languages must be new, I guess.. I saw the Stabilo ‘s move easyergo Mechanical Pencil on offer for € 3 (in a supermarket trying to tidy up the stationery offerings before school starts again) ...and the Stabilo ‘s move easyergo Mechanical Pencil (yes, I just had to repeat the name :) ) had it's country of origin printed on the pack..

Anonymous said...

suggested (Stabilo style) title
"s' move over 3.15 the EASYergo 1.4mm is here!".

Fan of both...the 1.4 more pocket friendly than the 3.15 (and like you say no need for a sharpener - even one up on traditional wood pencil too)... + I'm pleased that in the future no body will have to suffer the 's' move' bit.

on a different note I've met a few talented draughtsmen and women over the years who don't hold their pens+pencils in the traditionally prescribed way...who knows whether they'd have been better or worse with the R+L rubberized grips to learn with?

Thanks as always for all the reviews
kieran (uk) [couldn't be bothered to sign it hence Anon...]

Anonymous said...

Dave - good to finally see a photo of your smiling face. You and Mrs Dave
make a beautiful couple.

Lexx said...

Does anyone know if the minimal diference between 1.3mm and 1.4mm allows both use same lead size?

I'm asking this, bcauz I think I saw somewhere saying that its possible. If it is, that would be very pleasent save some money with spare leads, don't you think it? ;D

GrannyKass said...

Lexx - I had to order a pink one from the UK (Cult Pens) and ordered spare lead from the same site and they sent the 1.3mm Staedtler leads, but I just looked at the site and they now list a Stabilo 1.4mm HB lead.

I love both models and after having gotten one for my grandson, I had to have one for myself and the pink one was for my 2 yr old grand-daughter. She loves it.

Anonymous said...

i am impressed by the look of the pencil but at the same time i've encountered the grip section is nothing but a copy of staedtler's learfner's fountain pen. but overall the packaging build quality are good. thank you dave for your outstanding picture and review