Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Mechanical Pencil

I assume most of you will have noticed the new static pages linked across the top, courtesy of Bloggers new pages feature. The newest page there is the Top 10 Drafting Mechanical Pencils, created by a panel of…international experts. Either that or me and a few guys I know. So if you are searching for the best mechanical pencil in the world, the ultimate technical pencil, then check out the Top 10 page for a few candidates. Also of course there is the My Top 5 Mechanical Pencils page for those looking for more general recommendations. A Top 10 or Best Mechanical Pencils for general writing is also under consideration...we’ll see how that goes.


The Pen Warrior said...

These are two really useful pages especially to someone like myself who is a relative newcomer to the world of mechanical pencils.

In the Top 5 Mechanical Pencils list it's great that they link back to reviews on your site so that you can get more information on a particular pencil.

Kiwi-d said...

Glad to be of service. One day when I've reviewed all the Top 10 I'll link them too :-)

Germ said...

i say, these so called experts, should make their list, and argue their point. then, send all lists to all experts for them to "discuss". maybe do this 3-4 times? then you can cull the debates for the best discussion on each, and post? or something like that. :)~
i probably should do another top 10 or other, maybe every 6 months or year.