Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kuru Toga 0.7

Whats wrong with this Kuru Toga picture?
Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil

Here's a hint.
Kuru Toga 0.5 and 0.7

Uni Kuru Toga 0.5mm mechanical pencil with 0.7mm lead refills?
Kuru Toga modified 0.7mm

Way up there in Japan, Isu has been at it again. Out with his micro tools, modifying away, trying to make ever fatter Kuru Toga's. Thanks Isu, a unique addition to the collection.


Slywy said...

I normally prefer .7, but with the Kuru Toga I can live with .5. Great, great mechanical pencil.

Ravindranath Chigurupati said...

I could not read the way he did it because it is in japanese. Can somebody translate to how it is done?

isu said...

I have added a little information as a footnote in English.
It will be happy that you can understand how to modify the KuruToga.

Matthew R said...

So do you like it in 0.7mm?

Kiwi-d said...

Do I like it? Good question :-)
Well I did award the inagural supreme DMP to the Kuru Toga so I hold it in high regard as an innovative idea, etc. I personally don't mind some chisel edge effect when writing etc so I don't really feel the Kuru Toga is solving a problem for me personally. But clearly many like the constant line thickness and I can see it being beneficial for writing small script and Asian characters, etc. So with that in mind it seems to me that the Kuru Toga concept would be more beneficial with thicker leads - I'd really be quite interested in seeing a Kuru Toga 0.9, 1.18, 1.3 and 1.4mm. I find it hard to imagine Kuru Toga adding anything to 0.3mm but thats what they release. So, within that context, yes I like it. I'd be more likely to use the 0.7 than the 0.5.

Hmmmm, a 1.18mm Yard-O-Led Diplomat with Kuru Toga engine - now there's a challenge for you Isu !!!

resceu25 said...

I'm not sure if I can post a .jpg. I have been looking for a pen and pencil that I loved in the eightys. I call it a space truss pen and pencil.

I have a jpg to post to see if they still make this.

Ravindranath Chigurupati said...

Thanks for the foot note on how to modify the kuru toga. I will try that during this weekend.

Time Waster said...

I tried to modify a Helix .5mm Korean pencil and turn it into a Leadholder like uncomfortable chair does I just totally botched it up I was drilling a larger hole and bent part of it the vice it just wasn't going to work out =)

Ravindranath Chigurupati said...

Is there an idea of marketing these kurutoga 0.7mm, 0.9mm. If so I am interested.

Germ said...

wow. Isu certainly has some patience and some skills. Lets see him take a Pentel QS55 and make it into a 2mm? ;) a challenge if you will. And a clicsharp/rolly

Crazy stuff

Shiki said...

Recently love this one~~~especially the color and the fat shape~ I prefer the a little fat shape because the feeling of holding is great,haha~ I'm thinking of to get one, maybe from China~ This one can be much cheaper if I buy it in China~

Pilot Lover said...

Yay!! This is now made by Uni in 0.7mm!