Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poll 8 – Pentel Sharp P205 v Pentel Smash Q1005

Poll 8 has finished. The polling statement was “I took the P205 out of my Top 5 “Low” price range and replaced it with Smash Q1005”. A total of 115 votes were cast - the voting options and percentages were:

Good call – 19%
That’s a 50/50call – 26%
Wrong! – 7%
Wrong, wrong, wrong! – 20%
Dave, make an exception, put the P205 back in and have 6 in the Top 5! – 18%
No - chuck the Graphgear out instead – 11%

After due consideration I’m going to officially take the P205 out of the Top 5, but give it an ‘Honourable Mention’, sort of making it an unofficial number 6.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of polls, I would like your readers to vote in my poll if they can at "Which lead size do you prefer?" at I would like to thank you for listing all of the lead sizes in one of your posts.

Dhaivat said...


Time Waster said...

/Frank Cho/ a comic book artist who's dating my cousin uses a P205 =)

Germ said...

think i am going to do a top 25..... just too many to choose from....