Monday, June 08, 2009


In my late twenties I did play golf for a few years, but I was only ever a hacker. 100 was a very good round by my standards. Still, I enjoyed the walk, the scenery and the camaraderie.

Here’s a mechanical golf pencil I recently mechanical pencilAs you can see it is part of a set. Sterling silver mechanical ‘tee’ pencil, sterling silver place marker, and a little (fake) pearl golf ball, with a case to complete the picture. sterling silver golf pencil setThe golf ball looks quite similar to items I see in my wife’s ear. The silver carries British hallmarks for Sterling silver, Birmingham assay office, 1988. The makers mark is WM, being William H Manton, aka Birmingham Gold & Silversmiths Ltd, generally makers of boxes, candlesticks, cigar cutters, paper knives, pens and tastevin.sterling silver hallmarksThe pencil is itself a golf tee although I wouldn’t recommend using it for that purpose. Well, I suppose Tiger wouldn't care about the expense, but still, it seems a little wasteful. As a mechanical pencil it takes a little short length of 1.18mm lead. Tip feed, screw mechanism. golf marker and mechanical golf pencilAnyway, a nice shiny little novelty item. Without wanting to sound smart or smug, I’m particularly pleased with this acquisition because I got it for a song, for less than the price of a round of golf, and thats down here where golf is not expensive.


Stephen said...

This seems akin to many 19th century novelty pencils.

Kiwi-d said...

Yes it is, although this is probably a rather plain simple novelty by their standards. I'm sure they would have somehow managed to fit a whiskey sipping cup, horse-shoe pick and golf-ball cleaner on the pencil too.

kossy said...

The background is always happy.