Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Check out these new links over in the sidebar.

Firstly some non-English blogs:
From Korea, there is Ralrara.
From Japan, Isu of The Uncomfortable Chair blog, now has a second blog, UC2. I’m not sure if UC2 is more or less uncomfortable, but its still UC so I guess Isu hasn’t gone and bought of those five thousand dollar recliners from Sweden that truly are heaven on earth.
Finally, in Spanish we have Portaminas.

Then back to English we have Alexa’s Mechanical Pencils.

Latest Comments
For those of you who like to follow comments on this blog, there is the Latest Comments section in the sidebar, but that only shows the last 5 comments. I have not had any luck at all adding any of the various other comment trackers to this blog – they keep crashing, or not showing, etc, etc. However, this is the link to the comment feed for this blog, so you can click on it, see the last few hundred comments, save the link in your browser Favourites, view comments at will, etc. How convenient!

For those of you anxiously waiting, the blue lead fade testing is about halfway through. Some interesting results to date, but you’ll have to wait another few weeks yet.

Lastly, house maintenance, travel and other non-pencilish things mean I will be a bit scarce over the next few weeks so posting will be infrequent and/or erratic.


Caitlin said...

as Dave mentioned in his blog, I run a mechanical-pencil-based blog at www.alexasmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com. You can contact me at alexasmechpencils@gmail.com. I have also started a Twilight-based blog at www.the-twilight-saga-am.blogspot.com. My contact for that is thetwilightsagaam@gmail.com. I hope you check out my blogs!


Tian said...

Hi, I've been a fan of your blog for a long time.
Recently, I've started a blog focusing mainly on Asian mechanical pencils and pencil lead, which can be reached at graphitefetish.blogspot.com. If we could link to each other that would be quite epic. Thanks ^_^
PS: you can contact me @ j.tian2012@gmail.com

kossy said...

Thank you for the link.

Please forgive me though the account becomes a blogger.

It is same kossy as "On the desk, at any time".

The translation machine is used because it is not good at English.

Kiwi-d said...

Hello Kossy
I am sorry I have not put a link to you earlier. Is "On the desk, at any time" the correct name to call your link? Or is there are better name to call your blog?
Your English is much better than my Japanese.

kossy said...

Hello kiwi-d

It is what translated for the person in the foreign country.

It is good in "On the desk, at any time".