Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mordan Everpoint

Here’s another oldie that’s a little interesting.

(above photo clickable for high res)

The metal surface is a bit discoloured in places, and it needs a bit more cleaning. I’m not sure, but I think its nickel.

The pocket clip and everything above it winds around to advance or retract the lead. The pocket clip doesn’t touch and clamp onto the metal body, otherwise it would scratch as you wind it round and round.
I quite like the mix of plain and engraved parts of the body.On the body just below where the pocket clip is joined on, it is stamped “Mordan Everpoint, Patent 307227”. You can find this inscription on lots of pencils – usually gold filled or something a little more exotic or expensive than my plain nickel. I presume the patent relates to the mechanism, but I haven’t yet got hold of a copy of the patent. A plain window to allow a personal inscription.
There is no lead in the pencil and the correct size is a little bit of a mystery. 1.18mm is too big and 0.9mm is too small, so I presume it is one of those unusual 1mm sizes.


Stephen said...

Quite a nice ethereal appearance you've achieved in most of the photos.

That's a shame about the lead. I hate the idea of a non-working pencil! The US retailer that once listed Mordan 1mm leads seems to have removed that item. Any chance it's just that the mechanism is gummed up, and it will take a 1.18mm lead?

Also, are you now on the Mordan collecting path? There's no shortage of older Mordan pencils on the market.

Kiwi-d said...

Defintely in between 0.9 and 1.18.
I am tempted to try and make some lead to fit by rolling down some 1.18mm. We'll see if I ever get around to it.
Not specifically on any Mordan path, but you kind of can't help ending up with a few of this or that :-)

Ralrara said...

nice MP!!!!
I want have it....

Anonymous said...

Hi, I purchased an exquiste vintage mechanical pencil as a gift for a friend. It also, takes 1mm leads. I searched and searched but could not find any. Well, I'm retired with a bit of time on my hands, plus I have some mechanical talents. Anyway, I purcased 1.1mm 'blanks' and honed them to 1mm for the gift pencil. I made a bunch for the gift.
I was wondering if there is a market for 1mm leads for collectors. If so, I'll put a web page up and sell them online.

What do you think?

2nd_astronaut said...

Here is at least the abstract of the patent: http://www.wikipatents.com/gb/307227.html

Anonymous said...


P.Encil said...

1.0mm leads try
M (1.0 mm) lead, also commonly used in 19th-century mechanical pencils.
Five 6 cm pieces for $5

Anonymous said...

Just been reading this thread and after also having difficulty finding the correct leads for my collection of silver pencils, i found this seller on french ebay hope this helps a few people.


Anonymous said...

I have a mordan patent everpoint 307227 but mine looks nothing like the one pictured mine is four and a half inches long,hexagonal barrel and also has a prepetual calander half way down the barrel. if you undo the top of the pencil there is an eraser.
I can find no pictures or infomation on this propelling/prepetual calander pencil anyway can anyone help. contact-- martyn.hammacott@googlemail.com