Monday, March 02, 2009

Poll 7 – “I am a regular reader from…?”

Below are the final results for Poll 7, giving the geographical locations of those of you who self-describe as regular readers of this blog. There were 422 votes cast, a big increase on the 182 self-described regular readers of Poll 6. The locations, vote percentages and number of votes were:

Australia – 4% (18 votes)
Canada – 8% (35)
Japan – 3% (14)
UK – 6% (27)
USA – 45% (191)
Asia – 3% (16)
Europe – 22% (96)
South & Central America – 4% (18)
Elsewhere – 1% (7)

An extra special hello to the seven of you who, like me, live in “Elsewhere”. Apart from the grand total, no real surprises in the results. I continue to suspect that Japanese people don’t like voting on my Polls. The number of hits via Japanese language feed services that regularly arrive shortly after I publish is about two times the number of votes.

Quiz 1 below has a little cartogram of the results.

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Glen Mullaly said...

I always seem to miss your polls! Add one more from Canada.