Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pentel Pen Set R6 and PS65

Pentel Pen Set R6 and PS65

Here’s a Pentel pen and pencil set I picked up quite cheaply the other day. If it has been used, then it was hardly at all, so it’s basically NOS, NIB or other such acronym.

The rollerball is marked "Pentel R6 Japan", and the pencil "Pentel Japan" and "0.5" but Germ tells me it’s a PS65.

Probably dates to the mid 1980’s. I’m guessing the bodies are gold anodised aluminium as they are very lightweight. Lovely and gold, all nice and shiny, with my interest in “luxury” brand pencils people will accuse me of being a jewellery collector.

Concentric rings around the grip zone for enhanced grip.

The usual small eraser under the push top button. (His and Hers shots)

The black plastic ring is the Pentel 11-sided polygon. Very cool.
The R6 rollerball pen.
A million? For under 20 I got a bargain then.


Germ said...

VERY NICE David. It is a PS65. Check out the Pentel Catalog at Another tidbit, yours is a 2nd edition. the plastic internal barrel gives it away. 1st edition has metal internal. :) Great score, david. Now you need the rest of the Slim Sliding Sleeve's.

Anonymous said...

I was a flight attendant in the 70's and purchased the Pentel R6 pen in Japan. Best pen I ever had. I still have it but can't find refills for it. The weight and fit for my hand was perfect.