Thursday, November 01, 2007

Feel Like You Need A Little Something?

Whoo-Hoo! Mmmmmm…..smelly……refreshing. (Thanks Homer)

Feeling down? Need some rejuvenating? Pencil-pushing getting you down? Pentel have come to your rescue! Ain “Supplio” aromatherapy mechanical pencil leads!

Personally I’m not one who puts much stock in aromatherapy, and my nose is pretty useless. I’ve had some so called aromatic smell-able leads before and couldn’t smell a thing. Neither could anyone else who tried either. Cheap rubbish from China. But these Supplio’s are a different kettle of fish, as you would expect from Pentel. Just open the foiled wrapper and a wave of scent slaps those nostrils.

There are three fragrances – Refresh, Positive and Healing – as below. Sorry about the photo quality, but the reflective foil packaging is really hard to photograph.
Here we have the package, lead container and little sticker.

The leads just look like normal 0.5mm HB polymer graphite leads.

I guess these two little peel-off stickers are for your pencil so you know what fragrance lead is in it? If I read Japanese, this stuff on the back of the package would be telling me all about little fragrance beads inside the polymer structure being released as the lead is worn away. If you had a good nose you could probably “smell” your writing as you wrote! Me, I have to stop and hold the paper up to my nose. I imagine this could get you some rather funny looks in the office.
PS – Don’t ask me how to get some of these leads. A friend sent them from Japan. As far as I can tell they are one of the many “Japan only” offerings, with no easy online source for us foreigners. But feel free to tell us all how to buy some if you do know.


KP said...

jpens has them:

Kiwi-d said...

Thanks K
That'll teach me to be lazy. I last googled for Supplio a couple of weeks back and got nothing, but now JPens does come up.

Have you all noted the new comment follow-up facility? Only available via a Google account, so not as good as "Latest Comment" listing on Typepad(?) and others. Still, a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have noted the facility. Unfortunately I don't like to use my Google account. Furthermore, I would like to see a feature that notifies me on every comment in this weblog (older ones as well as those I haven't commented).

Anonymous said...

These could be used for a type of steganography. A note's literal text is ignored, with the real meaning conveyed through the aroma. "Refresh" might mean bet a hundred bucks on the third horse. An account notebook edited with "Positive" might mean the business is in the black, etc.

Kiwi-d said...

Yeah, OK, well you got me with that word. Had to resort to a big mega-dictionary for that one. I like the idea, but we might need some bad smells too. Accounts done in “Positive” would mean a profit, but we’d need “Rotten Eggs” for when a loss was made?
Kind of a written version of Smell-O-Vision scratch & sniff movies?

Anonymous said...

what about leads for making dirty pictures? hehehehehe


Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that, althought they're all made-in-japan-products, they're sold in other country--- for example Thailand, I can easily get it in any big stationary shop and I think other countrires also, someday.

Anonymous said...

They are available on ebay shipped directly from Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be overly practical here, but how well do these actually write? Are they any different from normal Ain HB outside the funny smell?

Kiwi-d said...

I haven't done any serious exacting comparison, but as a general statemant they write just like normal leads.

Darkroom Monkey said... Carries them as well.

Anonymous said...

Like JiBi_AI said, I can find these leads commonly in stationary shops in Thailand. And maybe available in another shops in Asia, too.