Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Advertisement 1 - Cross 1947

Here’s an advertisement from Esquire magazine, July 1947, USA edition. $5 for the 12K gold filled Cross pencil, which I think is a Cross Classic Century. These days the Cross website advertises a 14K rose gold filled Classic Century for $80 or a 10K “ordinary” gold filled for $55.

The headline text is “For Dad’s Big Day” and the lower textbox reads, “Years haven’t dimmed Dad’s appreciation of lines that are trim and slim. He’ll be strong for the balanced slenderness of this streamlined beauty.” Well either I’ve got an over-active imagination or this ad is chock full of innuendo. Let’s just hope that all this strength and appreciation of trim and slim lines is conducted in an appropriate way.

Thanks to Glen for sending me the scan of this ad. I’ve been meaning to post some of my ads and other things for quite a while now, so expect a few more over the coming months.

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