Monday, January 29, 2007

Milk Project:Whole Milk

Even though the government burbles on about New Zealand developing a “Knowledge Based Economy” to see us become a leading edge “developed” country forging ahead into the 21st century, the fact remains that farmers are still the backbone of our national economy. Sure, the farmer is now a highly educated business manager, but cows & milk, sheep & wool, that’s still what we are about.

So there I was in the “Morning Glory – Brand of Reliability” shop and I saw this pencil, “Milk Project:Whole Milk” brand. Now what’s that all about?

Photo: On the pencil is printed “2% Lowfat Milk. Milk Project:Whole Milk. It is fortified with skim milk and has 10 grams of protein per cup”. Yes, um, not exactly “Whole Milk” then?

Well this is New Zealand, land of milk and cows, so a pencil covered in cows and calling itself Milk Project:Whole Milk can’t be entirely inappropriate. But a Korean stationery manufacturer and shop? Some scheme by the Korean government to get them to drink more milk? Who knows?

These lead containers are rather reminiscent of those made by Micro, so they might be the manufacturer. They are actually spring loaded containers. You press down the right-hand section to open the container, and its clicks down and holds. You then press it again and the spring mechanism pushes the section back up again and closes the container.

Photo: On one container is printed “Why is milk good for U?”, on the other in very small print is “I could fly very high to the end of the sky”. Note how the cows have tiny wings and are flying up, up and away.

I haven’t been able to find out anything much at all about Milk Project:Whole Milk. It appears to be a franchise type brand of this particular company ( - Broken link). I did however trip across this rather interesting blog, by a young American school tutor on some sort of exchange programme in Korea.

Just a side-note, I have recently become aware that I might be confusing some people when I use the term “Kiwi” to refer to us “New Zealanders”. People think of the fruit or the shoe polish when they read Kiwi, not people from New Zealand. Well just to clarify, the kiwi is a large flightless bird endemic to New Zealand and one of our national icons, but Kiwi is also our informal name for ourselves, the people of New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

i love the Milk Project:Whole Milk stuff, its soo cute, & its just a bit of fun ;D

Unknown said...

OH MY GOD! I love all this stuff and in this one store, there were so many different stuff of that brand. I went crazy and went I like this I like that to my friend and she started to think I was crazy. XD I can't seem to find anything about this stuff either. >.<

Anonymous said...

i collect this stuff too!