Friday, December 15, 2006

An Old Autopoint

A little while ago in my posting on my 1948 Autopoint catalogue, I mentioned that Autopoint pencils were quite rare here in NZ. As with so many other things, once I mention it on my blog a coincidence occurs. I recently bought a mixed lot of old mechanical pencils at a local auction, and one of them was an Autopoint, so I now own an old Autopoint. I’ve had a quick look in a couple of catalogues and can’t really find that exact model. Lots of similar ones, but the pocket clip is different. It is not in very good condition. It's imprinted “SEALECT” on the 10-sided olive green plastic body, but the printing has mostly worn off. The metal eraser ferrule is cracked, but engraved “AUTOPOINT, PATD AND PATS PEND, MADE IN CHICAGO USA”. The eraser has hardened as you would expect, but it’s got a really nice sheen and finish to it, almost like polished leather! Quite nice really. Pity about the rest of the pencil.

In their modern offering I guess the ‘All-American’ is the successor to this old pencil.
Well, the end of year wind down is on. This is my second to last post for the year - December 23 will be the final post for the year.


Anonymous said...

Hello: I looked at, Im assuming was the front cover of 1948 autopoint cataloge. I have the very same M Pencil that is on the cover.Have any clue to its value? thanks! brad. P.S.I sell Vintage fountain pens on Ebay and research before I post.(1,500 M pencils 2,300 fountain pens) Im new to Ebay and this field of learning any help is apreciated.

Anonymous said...

dear Dave,
happy new year and all that...
I looked a little too, and as far as I can see, your pencil matches the s-75 from the 1927 catalouge sold for 75 c then. It migth be a real vintage pencil you got there. I can e-mail the scan if you like.
kind regards
Henrik from DK

Kiwi-d said...
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Kiwi-d said...

Sorry Brad/Anonymous, like I said in my post, I've only got one old Autopoint and I don't know know much about them. Certainly no idea of values.

Kiwi-d said...

Hello Henrik. Thanks for the offer, yes I would be great if you emailed a scan. Address below.